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Y&L has brought products into medical treatment

MicroPortScientific Corporation visited Y&L in April 2014. Y&L’s General ManagerMr. He introduced them the company’s development state and also showed themaround the company’s advanced automated production equipments. “Peopleorientation, dedicated to meet customer requirement” of Y&L’s corporateculture was received the recognition by MicroPort.        

MicroPort is a leading High-end medical equipment corporation in China thatdedicated people striving to make a patient oriented global enterprise andcommitted to improve and reshape patient lives through application ofinnovative science and technology.

During the meeting, the parties deeply discussed about the ongoing and newcooperation between them. Y&L confirmed that Y&L would keep onsupporting MicroPort in all fields like quality, cost, delivery and service.They both will continue to contribute to the medical enterprises to people allover the world.

Y&L has brought products into medical treatment since the cooperationbetween Y&L and MicroPort started in early 2014.