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Y&L and VLI reached the intention of LED business cooperation

On Dec.4,2014, Mr. Sabu Krishnan, CEO of VENTURE LIGHTING, Mr.Edward Pang, Director of International Joint-Venture Operations visited Y&Lto meet with Mr. Jianrong He, General Manger of Y&L, and discussed the cooperating plan in LED project between them, and the two groups have reached the cooperation intention.

Following the talks, both sides signed LED project cooperation letter of intent, that indicated Y&L has taken a important step towards the development of LED business.

During the meeting, the parties discussed about the development direction of lighting market deeply. The growth LED market has brought about a tendency of declining the demand of traditional HID market, making a great change on the products' structure of lighting market. How to achieve the growth with the transformation becomes themost important topic for both sides at the present stage.

For the continuous development of LED market, both sides have established the new department for LED industry, which showed their determination to enter the market. Y&L is confident to look for more opportunities in this market and gain the new customers’ recognition.