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Production Equipment

    Shanghai Y&L contributes her profession to customers’ core technology.

As a high-tech enterprise, Y&L’s technical management team hasgained dozens of patents in the recent years.

    With the support of German and Japanese equipment manufacturers, Y&L has developed high-precision equipments with independent intellectual property rights, including the automatic assembly welding machines, automatic laser welding machines, Niobium tube deep drawing & forming machines, automatic cleaning machines and eddy current detectors.

    Y&L has also introduced many advanced machines from abroad,including high-speed cutting machines, high-speed winding machines, automatic frame-forming machines, automatic spot welding machines and ultra high-temperature furnaces, which ensure the consistency and stability of the products.

    Equipped with complete range of machines andtechnique, Y&L is capable to supply precision metal parts and the auxiliary products as well, so that the customers can focus on the research and development of their own core technologies.
    Different wire cutting equipments can cut the metal wires of different materials and diameters into various sizes. Automatic wire forming equipments can bend or coil the metal wire into different shapes. All are precisely controlled.
    From the traditional resistance welding and micro-arc welding technology, to the current laser welding technology which is independently researched and developed by Y&L and now used in production, Y&L has been keeping on improving and upgrading the welding capability of metal materials.

    The imported high-temperaturefurnace can reach up to 2600oC degrees.


        Automatic assembly Welding Machine                      Automatic laser Welding Machine


          Automatic Frame Forming Machine                              Automatic Coiling Machine


                 Leadwire Welding Machine                                               Cutting Machine


                   High-temperature Furnace                                      Automatic Cleaning Machine